"Jonathan has done a fantastic job explaining the nuances of trial objections and evidence law. The descriptions are clear and concise. The annotations and commentary make the concepts practical and concrete. And the accompanying video examples illustrate exactly how the rules work in practice at the highest levels of mock trial. Whether you're a new competitor looking for a primer, or a seasoned veteran seeking to enrich your understanding, there is no better place to start -- Mock Trial Evidence will be an invaluable resource for coaches and competitors for years to come."

- Nicholas Cotter, J.D.

UC Berkeley All-American Attorney and UC Berkeley Mock Trial Coach

"Jonathan has knocked this guide out of the park. I competed in AMTA for 4 years and have been coaching AMTA teams for the last 3. Every year, I struggle with finding digestible ways for my students to consume what can be daunting material. Always, the Rules of Evidence are like a foreign language to a beginner. Jonathan’s guide does away with some of that entry-level fear. This text is full of fun and silly examples that effectively illustrate otherwise complicated rules, and the care with which Jonathan has handled this guide is even more evident from the countless video examples he provides throughout. Often, there is a disconnect in teaching a college student the rules by showing them how law professors or professional legal advocates apply them; however, Jonathan has effectively made a relatable guide by showing mock trial newbies what their fellow students have done in round. I will happily recommend this guide to any mocker."

- Kyle DeCamp, J.D.

2014 NCT Champion and UCLA Law Mock Trial Coach

"The Rules of Evidence: Concepts and Applications for College Mock Trial is an invaluable tool for any mock trial program. This guide is both accessible for students new to trial advocacy, and detailed enough to provide knowledge to even the most experienced advocates. While this guide may be made by and for undergraduate mock trial competitors, this guide should be a staple for any middle school competitor, high school competitor, law school advocate, or law school student taking evidence. This guide brings objection-education into the 21st century by heavily incorporating video-demonstrations throughout. There is no other guide like it. It has made me a better coach, and my students better competitors."

- Chance Sturup

University of South Carolina Mock Trial Head Coach